Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dumas and Day 1 at the Beach!

After our long, cold, snowy winter we could not wait to get to the beach!  Beach week is our favorite week of the year! The kids had been talking about it for months!  We stopped in Dumas on our way down to spend the night and break up the trip! All of our cousins were waiting on us!

The kids love taking rides on the Rhino to check out the corn and crops!

My country boy was in heaven! 

Children of the corn!

We were headed out at 4:15!  There was the prettiest sunrise that morning!  We had such an easy trip down!  Knox slept from 4am-11am!! Brooks didn't sleep at all!  At one point we heard him say, "Thank you for Chuck E Cheese.  Amen"  I think we stopped twice for the bathroom and that was it! 

She was ready for the beach! 

As soon as we pulled into Rosemary we changed into our bathing suits in the car and went to lunch at Summer Kitchen! 
Sassy in her swimsuit!

Our first Sno Cones of the summer! We love summer!

This guy loves the ocean!  He was so excited and all over the place! 

Love him! 

Brooksie was a little more cautious! He was fine as long as he could go out in the ocean with his dad! 

This guy has no fear! 

Sand castle construction begins!

They built some impressive castles! 


Time for dinner! Love these cuties! 

They were so sleepy they fell asleep two seconds after we got into the car to go to dinner!

And they didn't wake up... Ava and Brooks slept the entire time we were at dinner.  

Brooksie too! 
We some how lost a shoe on the way to dinner and we had to go back a few days later to get it!  I can't believe the brown loafer wasn't lost forever! We had a great dinner at Great Southern and then we were all home and asleep by 10! 

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