Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend we went to the lake.  I love these little patriotic cuties!

Love these guys!

This was our first fully potty trained road trip!  We only had to do this once!  

Brooks has a bad habit of dropping his pants to go to the potty in random places!  He did it right in front of a paddle boat full of little girls.  Ha We are just happy he is finally potty trained.  I guess now we need to teach him about going in private places! ha

Dinner with friends!

She was so excited to go out on the boat! 

My favorite three!

Love these little cuties!

Jumping to daddy! 

A got to drive the boat! 

I think Ava wears sunglasses more than I do! 

Our after dinner entertainment! 

Ava, Knox, and daddy tubing! Ava loved it and Knox almost fell asleep! ha 

Feeding the ducks!

Paddle board time!

This little guy had so much fun that he actually fell asleep in the car on the way home! It was definitely worth documenting because he has only slept in the car maybe two other times in his life!
We had such a great weekend with friends! 

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