Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 4, Tuesday

Tuesday morning we woke up and went to breakfast at the donut hole.  We were trying to get Brooks dressed and he said, "I'm just hanging out.." 

Notice anything different about A?  She was wearing press on earrings! ha 

She really wanted to show them off!

We went into Destin to take Knox for a second opinion on his head.  That was a big waste of our time! ha Since we had driven that far we decided to go into Fort Walton to the aquarium!  Our first stop was the dolphin show!

Two tiny babies on one large beach chair! 

The kids liked the aquarium!  They had lots of little creatures they could see and touch!

When we left the aquarium we stopped for lunch at the Back Porch.  One of our favorites!  We have been eating there since I was little! Next, we went to the outlet mall to do a little shopping! We had to buy Brooks another alligator (Lacoste) hat since he lost his! ha 
When we got back to Rosemary we got ready for dinner.  I was a little nervous because we were taking the kids to Cafe 30A with no naps!  They did so well though and the food was so good! They were so freaked out by the valet though.  They could not figure out where the man was taking our car! ha 

Brooks asked to have his picture made with Gigi! 

Next Kiki! 

These two are hilarious!  Knox was posing with his cookie sundae!

Brooks told me he wanted a picture with his mommy too!  I wish he was always this happy to take pictures! 

Another great night at the beach! 

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