Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We went to the rodeo with our friends and had so much fun!  The kids couldn't wait to show Hudson their boots!

I love a little cowboy!

My cute little guy!

Checking out the bulls

Cute boys and a girl!

My cowgirl.

Serious rodeo fans!
Cute boys!

I love this!  We ran into the Penix's at the Rodeo!  Knox loves a good snuggle! 

Aren't they cute?

A was really concerned about the bull riders!

Selfie queen! 

These little guys are hilarious.  

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Kevin Kelley said...

Wow! The kids are so adorable! Their little smiles show how much they enjoyed the trip to the rodeo. I bet the cattle in front of them piqued their interest. Anyway, I hope you get to enjoy more trips like that. Thanks for sharing that, Michelle! All the best to your family! :)

Kevin Kelley @ Ravensworth Cattle Property