Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lately 4

A date night at the Dierks Bentley concert with my man!  It was our first time to go to a show at the amp and we had such a fun night!

A perfect Sunday night!  We got ice cream and found a pet turtle! 

We love the jeep! 

Meet our turtle E.S.  Ava named him.  They put sunglasses on him and Knox insisted that he live in a pot from their kitchen.  He lasted 24 hours and then Brandon felt sorry for him and set him free...  We will miss you E.S.

I couldn't find Ava one morning and when I finally found her she was in the jeep in our garage.  She had dressed herself and buckled herself in..  I'm not sure where she thought she was going! ha 

Sprinkler fun at Shea and Noah's!

We had so much fun! 

Ava is one lucky girl! 

Little Sprouts with our buddies!  

We learned about our senses!

Madeline was there with her grandma!

My little farmers got to plant pumpkin seeds!  We get to go back in October and pick our pumpkins! 

They worked so hard!

Throwing rocks in the creek!  Such boys!

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