Tuesday, October 21, 2014


No more high chairs!  I can't believe my babies are growing up! 
When we got home from Florida I thought we all needed a day to relax and regroup at home.  Ha What was I thinking?! There was no relaxing and definitely no regrouping.  There was chaos.  It sounds crazy but it's so much easier to get them out of the house.   

Someone (Knox) pooped his pants and used every single pair of Ava's panties to wipe his booty.  Just a little glimpse into a day in my life...

His punishment was he had to clean the floors... Just kidding.  He loves to clean and asked to help!

My punishment for making him clean was that he took all of the clothes out of the cabinet and threw them on the floor.

To reward them for their wonderful behavior all day they got to go to Millers summer party.  

Cutest Booty crack I have ever seen! 

Lots of little cuties kicking off summer!

Sno Cone time!

Miller's house is the best!

Ava had to have a pink one of course!

Library fun!  

Our friends Anna and Harrison were there!

True Love!

The computers at the library are our favorite!

Planting seeds at Little Sprouts!

Followed by an afternoon at the pool with our friends!

I might have some interesting tan lines!

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yoooyoo said...

I think I asked before and it didn't go through but what is the name of the kids 'teal' room color? I love it and need a change in my master bedroom! Thanks I!!!