Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 3, Monday

Another Beach Day!
A in her favorite 'kini!

Knox's pose...

He had lots of work to do with his big tractor!

Fun in the waves with Gigi!

Is there anything cuter than a sandy baby booty?!

A with her Gigi!

We went in to take showers and all of the kids were in the shower with B.  Knox was playing and tripped and fell and busted his head open... Poor baby! 

Carol and I took him to the doctor.  I really wanted to avoid the ER.  A girl that worked at a store in Rosemary suggested a doctor in Seaside.  As soon as we got there I quickly realized we were at a weight loss clinic! ha There were signs all over the place for "Hormone replacement therapy" and diet pills...  When the dr, or actually the person that wasn't a dr came in she introduced herself as, "Mrs Nancy" or something like that... I probably should have left then..  I asked if she could glue it together instead of stitch it and she said, "Well let me see if I can find any of that glue." Ha To make a long story short she found the glue, tried to glue it, it didn't work and we ended up at another clinic the next day.. After waiting over two hours to be seen we finally get called back and when I tell the nurse we tried to glue it the day before she told me to leave because there was nothing else they could do...  He was a trooper, barely even cried, and the scar isn't that bad!  Thank goodness!  It's not a vacation unless there is an injury or someone gets sick! ha

After naps we went downstairs to get a surprise from the Sugar Shak and to check out the toy store!  
Love these three! 

These boys love each other so much! 


Taking pics can be hard work so we had to take a popsicle break! ha 

My model! 

We had dinner at a little burger place in Rosemary.  It was really good!  After dinner Caroline and Brandon took the kids crab hunting.  Ava was terrified and the boys loved it!  They kind of caught a crab! (Someone actually gave them one they had caught! ha ) Next we went to La Crema for dessert!  We ordered fondue and Knox said, "This is good stuff!" 

My poor babies head! 

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