Monday, July 2, 2012

Funny Babies

I try to write down in my phone funny things the babies do that I want to remember.  Some of these things happened months ago I just never documented them! 

-I think I was in Hot Springs for Emily's bachelorrette party (In March!) and I got a picture of Brooks's crib from B.  He had chewed all of the paint off of one side of his crib.  He had little white paint chips all over his face!  B wrote, "Chewy is the hardest working beaver I have ever seen."  Thank goodness I was on the trip with lots of mommy's that assured me it was normal for babies to try to eat their cribs!  I was a little nervous!

-Any time Ava finds a ring, whether it's a bracelet or baby toy, etc.  She tries to put it on her ear like a hoop earring.  It's the cutest thing.  Such a girly girl!

-When we were eating pizza one night I looked over and Knox had grabbed the Parmesan cheese and had it turned up.  This kid loves to eat!  Thank goodness a kid hadn't unscrewed the top.  I use to do that all of the time when I was a kid at Topp's pizza.  Did anyone else do this?  My friends and I thought it was hilarious!  I apologize if I ever ruined a piece of your pizza about twenty years ago! 

- Gigi bought Ava a small princess brush when we were in Rosemary.  Ava is obsessed with it.  She carries it around and brushes her hair constantly! So cute!  What's funny is she basically doesn't have any hair at all.  Just a little fuzz!

-I took Ava to the eye doctor this week and when we got out of the car it was raining.  A lady saw Ava and said, "She's acting like she's never seen rain before."  I didn't want to admit it but I really think that was the first time Ava has ever been outside in the rain...  I've really got to get the kids out more! ha 

-Brandon and I went to the mall together last week and made a stop by the toy store on our way out.  We really wanted to get Brooks a trampoline so he can jump and dance in front of the tv when he watches hi-5.  We needed gifts for the other two so we bought Knox a tractor that has animals on it and Ava got a broom and a dust pan.  (I'm so glad they are too young to realize that one kid got a hundred dollar gift while the other two got ten dollar gifts! ha)  I think we bought each kid the wrong toy.  Ava loves the trampoline and loves to jump on it.  Ava has had fun playing with the tractor and Knox is obsessed with the broom and dust pan.  He carries it around everywhere and no one else is allowed to touch it.  Even if he sets it down and one of the other babies tries to touch it he flips out.  I guess he might be my little janitor!  If only I could get him to help me sweep the floor! 

-Brooks is my little dj.  Every morning I give him my phone when I'm changing his diaper and he turns music on for us.  It's crazy that he already knows how to work an iphone and he's fourteen months old! 

-I think we might all turn into blueberries.  B has a customer that works at a blueberry farm.  He brings B blueberries all of the time.  Gallons and Gallons.  They are so good too.  They are giant and so sweet!  We have given several gallons away but I think we have gone through about 4 gallons at our house.  The babies LOVE them!  Their daddy does too!  If you need any blueberries just let me know!  

-Knox has started throwing fits.  He flattens his body out on the ground, screams, and then lifts his upper body up in a yoga type pose.  It's very dramatic and very cute!  I can't help but laugh when he does this.  I think this boy has a little temper like his daddy! 

-The babies are obsessed with Brandon.  Well Ava and Brooks are. Every morning when we go in Ava's room she cries for Brandon to pick her up and will not go to me!  Such a stinker!  They also cry every morning when he leaves for work!  What about me babies??? 

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