Thursday, July 12, 2012

Knoxie Day!

I try to spend a little one on one time with the babies when I can but it's really hard!  It's hard to work around their naps and it's hard to walk out with one baby when the other two are watching you!  I had lots of errands to run one day and Jennifer was at the house watching the babies.  Right before I left Knox woke up screaming!  So... He got to leave with me!   We didn't do anything that exciting but I swear he had so much fun!  It's sad, but my kids get so excited to get in their car seats because they know they are getting to leave the house! 

Our first stop was the liquor store to visit daddy!  Knox got to go for a ride in the shopping cart!  He loves it! 

B also took him to get a sno cone across the street!  Planet sno (or something like that) has a location in the Wedington parking lot.  That day they had $1 sno cones too!  Oh and yes, B actually wheeled him over in the shopping cart.  People probably thought we were crazy!  Knoxie, had his very first sno cone!  Clear Strawberry! Of course he loved it!  One day I will take him to the Sno Ball in Monticello!  I still think they have the best! 

When we got back B put him to work!  He dusted lots of bottles! 

Then Knoxie went shopping at Wal-Mart for the first time ever!  (My gosh my kids are sheltered!)  He had a bite of every single thing I put in the cart!  He also yelled at all of the customers! 
I had a fun day with my baby boy!  I think it's Brooksy's turn next!  

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