Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Three weeks ago?

I think we have spent the past two fourth of July's at La Hacienda with Karrie and Joseph.  We are really patriotic! ha We never planned on it we just seemed to end up there two years in a row.  We broke the streak this year but we did go eat there two days later!  The poor Nuckols probably thought they were going to have a quiet Friday night.  Instead they had a loud, hectic one with the babies!  They were pretty much covered head to toe in food!  I know waitresses just love to see us coming!  


Knox!  Ava some how got left out of the pictures! 

Saturday morning B was up bright and early to help his friend install two new air conditioning units at our house.  Since we weren't going to have air all day I loaded up the babies and we went to Gigi's for breakfast!  She made the babies yummy pancakes!  Their favorite!  While we were there we noticed Ava felt warm.  Poor baby had a fever virus and slept the entire day and night at Gigi's.  Thank goodness Gigi could watch her because it is so hard to take care of one sick baby that wants to be held when the other two are still running around ninety to nothing!  I brought the boys back to the house to nap because Gigi only has one crib and I really didn't have anywhere else to take them!  I figured the air would be back on at this point to.  Umm. not exactly.  
I walked in to find this big thing at the bottom of my stairs (See below).  Apparently it fell down the stairs and took out two huge chunks of the wall, a piece of my hardwood floor, and two framed Mika Beth pictures (what I'm most upset about).  I wanted to KILL B.  I know it wasn't his fault and that accidents happen but I really felt like blaming someone and he was an easy target.  Oh the air obviously still wasn't on which only made me more mad.  B is not a handy man.  Never has been and never will be.  Every time he tries to do something like this disaster strikes.  My argument all along was that I just wanted a local company to put in the new air conditioners.  Just to avoid issues and I thought it would be easier all around.  I think I was right.  Did you hear that B!  I WAS RIGHT! ha 

I'm obviously over it now.  My wall is fixed (pictures and hardwood are not) and we have two new air conditioners that work great and we saved lots of money!  

 Knoxie is really good at cleaning up his daddy's messes.  This poor kid is so OCD.  He comes by it honestly though.  I completely know how he feels because I can't stand when things are out of place.  He is obsessed with brooms and dust pans.  He carried this around our house for hours.  He also gets wipes out and tries to wipe down the tables and floors.  Oh and if a shoe, clothes, or hat is on the floor (always B's, imagine that) he hands it to you.  If you try to put it back on the floor he will yell, "Doh! (No!), and pick it back up and give it to you.  I hate to admit it but I'm kind of excited about having a cleaning partner one day!    

Taking a ride!

That evening I took the boys to Porters birthday party.  It was a Dr Seuss theme and so freaking cute!  I didn't take one single picture because I was chasing the boys everywhere! B didn't get to go because he was still working on the air conditioners so I had the boys on my own which wasn't easy!  Hopefully Bethany will post some pictures soon that I borrow!  The boys looked pretty cute!  Caroline bought them Dr Seuss outfits (Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3) and they looked super cute in them!  Thing 3 was still sick at Gigi's so she didn't get to attend! I might have to dress them up again just to snap some pictures! 

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