Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girls Weekend!

Gigi, Caroline, Ava and I went to Hot Springs a few weekends ago to stay with Lauren for a girls weekend!  We had such a good time and did lots of girly things!  We went to fun dinners, went out on the lake, went to a pageant, Ava even played a little dress up!

We arrived in Hot Springs Friday and went out to dinner.  

Gigi and Ava!

Ava and Aunt Caroline

Ava is always so good at restaurants.  She just sat down and colored and waved hi to people! 

Then she put on quite the show when we got back to the condo! She was loving all of the attention she was getting from everyone!  She really is pretty funny! 

Saturday we got up and Lauren made us breakfast!  Then we got ready to go on the lake!  Ava loved looking out at the water and watching all of the boats go by!

Ava playing with Lauren's shoes!  She already has expensive taste!

This was Ava'a first time on a boat and her first time at the lake!  Lots of firsts!  I think she will definitely be a water baby! 

My girl!

My silly girl!

 Ava ate approximately one million cookies on this trip!  I guess that's what you do on vacation though!

Lake time with the girls!  

My patriotic baby!

She felt so big driving the boat! 

After the lake we got ready, went to dinner, and then went to the Teen Arkansas pageant to cheer on Lauren's cousin Susannah!  She did such a good job and looked beautiful! I don't have any pictures from the pageant because it was pretty dark inside but Ava loved it!  She clapped for all of the performances and did a little dancing!  She didn't make it to the crowning but I know she had a great time!  Thanks again for inviting us Lauren!  We all had so much fun!  We can't wait to do it again soon!   

-B thought the real reason we were all going to Hot Springs is because we were putting Ava in a pageant!  He was not happy about it!  I was going to put a crown on her and post a picture on FB that said, "Little Miss Ultimate Grand Supreme" but Ava fell asleep before I got the chance to do it! ha B, If I ever put Ava in a pageant I will make sure you are there to cheer her on! 

While the girls were away....

The boys had lots of fun on their boys weekend!  Jenny and Dad came over Saturday morning to babysit while B went to work and they got to help Jenny garden! Knox loves to play in the garden!  

Picking a little okra!

Brooks had lots of fun playing too! 

 Water table fun! 

They got to eat lots of fresh veggies out of Jenny and Dad's garden too! 

Thanks for babysitting guys!  I loved all of my picture updates! 

I got this picture from Leigh.  B and the boys went over to their house for dinner.  I sent B a text that said, "Umm, what is Brooks wearing?"  He wrote back, "It's blue day."  Leigh later told me that Brooks arrived in nothing but a pajama top so she let him borrow a pair of Baylon's shorts.  B also apparently forgot to bring diapers....  
This was B's first solo babysitting weekend and he did a great job!  He did have a little help here and there but he was basically on his own and everyone survived!  I did get a phone call early Sunday morning asking me when exactly I was planning on coming home! ha  

B and I owe the boys a fun little trip on their own too!  Ava's racking up the frequent flyer miles and it their turn now! 

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