Monday, July 30, 2012

Nice to meet you Chuck E

I need to start by saying Chuck E Cheese's has come a long way since I was a kid.  I remember it being dirty with gross pizza.  I was pleasantly surprised when we went on Monday!  Fayetteville's location is super nice!  The babies had lots of fun too! We will definitely be going back soon!  

So many of our friends were there!  There were kids everywhere!  
As soon as we got there Ava spotted Bennetts Chuck E cup and she wanted it!  In true dramatic Ava style she swatted away her sippy cup and stayed focused on his cup.  Soooo, guess who got a new Chuck E cup? ha Mommy's a sucker!  I thought the babies were too young for this but I guess not!  We do get free refills for life though! 

This cuties birthday was last week so we did a little celebrating!  I ordered a cake and Chuck E was supposed to bring it out and sing Happy Birthday!  Chuck E never showed.  Finally he made an appearance but he forgot the cake and had to go back and get it....  The mommy's think Chuck E was hitting his flask out back! ha 

These kids love cake!

Guess who liked all of the rides the most??  This little dare devil!

Love her face when she saw Chuck E! 

Bennett and Brooksy calling some girls!

They were a little scared of the mechanical/fake Chuck E but they didn't mind the real one at all! Brooksy was mid clap!  He was pretty excited about singing Happy Birthday to Noah.  

Funny Boy!
I give Chuck E Cheese's two thumbs up!  It was clean and we were the only people in the place!  (It was a Monday morning so I'm sure on Saturday it's packed!)  We will definitely be back!  We are going to bring daddy next time so mommy can play some games and he can chase them around the place! ha 

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