Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Camp Elliott is in full swing and we have been taking lots of field trips! 

Last week we met lots of our friends at the splash pad in Bentonville!  I wasn't sure if the babies would like it because at this point Knox was the only walker.  They loved it!  They splashed and played for hours!  

Brooks, Noah, Miller, and Ava hanging out around their favorite fountain (the broken one that didn't splash very far!)!

Knox was wild.  He ran all over the place!  He had so much fun!  Oh and his shoes were on the wrong feet but I couldn't get him to stop long enough to fix them! 

Miss Ava checking out the water!

Brooksy and Me!

Leigh, Sailor, Baylon, and Barrett came too! 

Allison set out quite the baby buffet!  Such a good mommy!  Of course my kids went to town!  You would think I never fed them!  For some reason everyone else's food taste better than their own! 

 Our little group took over the splash pad! 


My cutie!  I can't wait to take him back now that he is walking everywhere! 
I would highly recommend the splash pad!  You do have to drive and it is a pain to pack bathing suits, clothes, etc,  but you don't have to worry about floaties and drowning!  That's always a plus! 

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