Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Hour

Last Monday night we went to the Greers for a little play date.  Brooks got to have a slumber party with Gigi so he missed out on all of the fun.  I know he had a good time at her house though.

Miller and Ava with their cute cargo Winston

Ava is obsessed with horses.  Keep in mind this kid can't walk but she can climb on any horse she sees.  She even knows how to pull the ears and the reigns on her horse at home to make the horse neigh and gallop.  B, she needs a pony. 

She might be a little redneck girl...  She sure does like trucks!

She also likes food!  Poor Oliver left is plate unattended and Ava pounced on it!  

Noah's mommy ran inside and asked us to watch him.  Within a minute he was in the pool fully clothed.  I think I might be fired as a babysitter. 


How cute is our host?

My little OCD boy lost it! There were shoes and toys everywhere and he just couldn't handle it!  He likes every thing in it's place!  In this pic he was bringing me a pair of shoes he found on the ground.  

We've got a long way to go on our manners.  You would think my kids would know how to share but they don't.  At home they just push each other out of the way!  Ava decided she wanted to get in the truck.  She didn't care that sweet miller was already in there! 

My sweety! 
Thanks for having us over Sarah and Bennett!  We had so much fun! 

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