Thursday, July 19, 2012


 I think summer is all about being busy, making messes, and having fun!  We have definitely been doing these three things!  We have been so super busy!  I kind of feel like I am running a summer camp at our house!  We've been so busy I haven't used my real camera in months!  I have one million cell phone pictures to document our summer so get ready! 

A few weeks ago the whole family got in wedding planning mode!  Caroline, Gigi, and I went to Rogers and looked at wedding dresses!  Caroline probably tried on ten dresses and I think she said, "Y'all I think this is the one!" every time she put on a dress.... That might be a problem!  So, I decided I am going to be her official wedding planner.  She missed our first wedding planning meeting but maybe we can start next week!  I love weddings!  If I had a little more time and a few extra set of hands I would love to plan weddings!  

A rare moment when they all stopped long enough to sit on my lap.  

I noticed Ava had been squinting a lot so after a little online research I went into full mom freak out mode!  I thought she was going to need glasses for sure!  I couldn't get Ava in to see a doctor until September but Gigi pulled some strings and we got in that week.  Ava was a super star at the appointment.  I really can't brag on her enough!  They warned me that she might scream when they dilated her eye but she didn't make a peep!  She also sat so still while they checked her eyes for about 20 minutes!  She does have slight astigmatism but he thinks she will be okay!  It might even correct itself.  Ava got a sticker for being such a good girl!  I think we are ready to try the dentist next!   

I laugh out loud at this kid every day.  He put on this Grey Goose hat and wouldn't take it off.  I think he looks like a little rapper in this pic!  

This cutie makes a mad dash for the stairs every chance she gets.  She can make it to the top in about 2 minutes.  So far I have lost her twice and found her hiding upstairs.  Hiding is her new thing.  Gigi found her in the closet a few weeks ago.  Gigi was screaming her name looking everywhere and Ava was sitting in the corner of the closet being as still and quiet as she could be...  Another time, I looked everywhere for her and found her hiding in her tunnel being so still.  I even kicked the tunnel and she still didn't make a peep or move.  I've also found her hiding in our closet upstairs in the dark.  When you finally find her she thinks it's hilarious!! Where did she learn this?

Our friends just moved to town and we are so excited about it!  Travis, Leigh, Baylon, and Barrett Bowen are now Fayetteville residents!  We are so happy they are finally here!  We know we are going to have lots of fun with them! 

They came over to swim and cookout and mean mommy wouldn't let A, B, and K get in the pool so they had to watch from the sidelines! ha They won't just float around in their rings.  They want me to hold them the whole time and it is miserable!  I'm hoping next year it will be a lot easier! 

 Brooks and Baylon!  The two redheads! 

This picture is old but I think it's so cute!  We were at Gigi's house for dinner and Ava was taking a bath in the kitchen sink!  I was outside and Ava thought it was hilarious that I was knocking on the window!  

Ava and Knox have started sitting in the diaper basket to watch Hi-5.  Sometimes they try to sit in it together!  Goofy kids! 

Olivia came to visit us too!  It was so good to see my long lost friend!  It was fun to have a date night with B too!  Come back soon O! 

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