Monday, July 9, 2012


Several weekends ago Caroline and I went to NYC to celebrate Christina!  She is getting married in November! We had such a fun weekend in NYC!  So many of my friends live there and I just don't get to see them enough!  I love that I got to catch up with them too!

I swear I have traveled more in the last three months than I have in three years!  One of my favorite things about flying is that I can catch up on all of my important reading! ha Us Weekly, In Style, etc!

Cori was nice enough to let Caroline and I stay with her during our visit!  She lives in the neatest area!  Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker is a neighbor and she was hosting a dinner party for Obama so all of the streets were blocked off! We missed seeing the President though!  I think we were at lunch when he drove by! 

We stopped to have a late lunch and I had my first diet coke or really any caffeine I have had in over a month!  It was just as good as I remembered! ha I figured since I was on vacation I deserved it!

We had a packed schedule so we hurried back to Cori's apartment to get ready!  Cori was such a hospitable hostess and her apartment is super cute!  I really wish I had taken more pictures of it! Thanks for everything Cori! 

That night we had appointments at Dry Bar to get blowouts.  Such a fun idea!  Christina really thought of everything!  Doing my hair is probably the thing I hate most about getting ready!  I love having someone do it for me!  Especially when they serve me champagne! 

This is the 'do I picked out! 

The bride to be! 

We had dinner at ABC Kitchen and it was super yummy! 


Friday Caroline and I spent most of the day shopping around Soho.  We had lunch at a fun Mexican restaurant too.  I didn't buy much but I did find a few cute things for Ava's walls from street vendors! 

That night we met at The Standard for drinks and then we all went to a cute tapas restaurant called Alta.    Once again we had great food and Sangria too!  

Cori, Me, and Carol

Later that night we went to Lips!  Super fun/funny bar!  This was the menu at the bar! ha

We had to pull out the boa and crown!  

Saturday morning we all met for lunch at Diablo Royale. It was one block from Cori's apartment.  Cori told me I wasn't allowed to take a cab! ha I don't see how these NY girls walk around in heels!  I just can't do it!   

Christina and Lauren!


After brunch I met Cori and Claire at Soho house for drinks and to catch up!  It was so much fun!  I miss my NYC friends so much!  Ann we missed you! I think we sat there for 3 hours laughing and talking! Come visit soon girls! 

That night we met at the bar at the top of the Standard for drinks before we went to dinner at STK.  The view was pretty amazing! 

Another Shot

The Bride!

Cheers to a great weekend in NYC and to Christina!  Can't wait for the wedding in November! 

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