Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

I pretty much dropped the ball on Fathers Day this year.  I use to be such a good gift giver and celebration planner pre-babies!  I wasn't even in town this year which is pretty much my excuse!  Gigi picked up the slack for me though!  She watched the babies so B could go on a run and she also snapped a few pictures throughout the day for the blog so I could document B's second Fathers Day! 

B's card from Gigi!  It's so cute and perfect for him! 

B spent most of the day outside playing with the babies! Brooks loves his little slide!

Knox and Ava even helped B do a little gardening! 

Ava tried to eat a jalapeno so she got fired from gardening duty! 

Apparently the babies ate lots of popsicles too!  How cute is sweet Brooks!  Daddy had to hold his popsicle and he just gave it little licks!  He just isn't much of an eater! 

When I got home that night I let B go on a bike ride and then made him his favorite dinner!  A cup of Cheerios! ha This is actually what he ate but I didn't even make it!  Poor guy!  I'm going to have to have a Fathers Day re-do soon!  I was so tired I was in bed by 8:30!  
Oh and I bought him a card before I left and forgot to give it to him!  I might save it for next year!  I also ordered him a new suit but it wasn't in yet!  I promise B, next year I will go all out and make up for this lackluster year! 

The babies with their Dad! 
Happy Fathers Day B!  We love you so much!  

Also, Happy Fathers Day to my dad!  I hope you had a great day and your gift is coming soon too! ha 

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