Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Busy Saturday!

The kids love a good birthday party!  Lots of mornings they wake up and ask to go to one! ha We started our Saturday morning celebrating Annabelle!  We had donuts at the park!  The kids had so much fun!  It was a chilly morning but they didn't seem to mind! 

After the party I had to make a quick stop at Mason's and made the mistake of bringing the kids in!  They were wild! The boys were all over the place and Ava insisted on carrying my purse around!  ha I guess she had some shopping to do! 

After naps we went to the pumpkin patch to celebrate Alex and Ellison's birthdays! 

Tractor ride fun! 

These two year olds and their jewelry crack me up! ha 

The kids love feeding tortillas to the cows!  It kind of grosses me out to tell you the truth!  Cows have the longest tongues ever! They are always covered in flies too! Yuck!

Excited boy!

Oh I love this little guy! 

I might have to frame this one!  He didn't make it very far with the pumpkins!  They were pretty heavy! 
We had a fun fall day full of parties! Happy Birthday Alex, Ellison, and Annabelle! 

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