Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cell Phone Pics!

Just a normal day at our house…  I should really take a daily picture of the kids.  Their outfits have been getting a little crazy lately!  As soon as they go down for naps I spend hours picking up clothes, shoes, hats.   They are all over the house!  

We had a Sprinkle for baby Scarlett!  It was so fun and Sarah got the cutest things!  Can't wait to meet that sweet baby girl! 

Oh just hanging out at Chuck E Cheese.  Back to what I said about their outfits.  They are getting a little out of control! 

We met Bob at the Botanical Garden's for the pumpkin hunt! 

Brooks hunted spiders while we were there too!  He loves bugs!

He found a pumpkin! 

Ava found one too! 

This sweet boy loves to run around and play! 

We met our friends there!  The kids were so excited to see Anna!  They talk about her all of the time!  I'm pretty sure Brooks has a crush! 

Sweet girls! 

This looks like a posed picture but I did not ask them to do this! They held hands all on their own! I love to see the kids with their friends! 

Getting their stamp on the way out! Sometimes I think this is their favorite part! 

Brandon took the boys for a bike ride and made a pit stop by the dance studio to watch A do her thing! Knox ran right in and got in line with the girls.  I literally had to carry him out kicking and screaming!  He kept saying, "I wanna dance, I wanna dance!"  Sweet boy just didn't understand why he didn't get to dance! Or maybe he just wanted to hang out with all of the cute girls! 

Watching their sister! Ava LOVES to show off for everyone!  She is a little performer for sure! 

I think I have a few little artist on my hands!  They had so much fun painting pumpkins!  It was a little messy but they had to much fun it didn't matter!  At one point I looked over and Brooks was painting my white chair! ha I don't think there was one inch of Ava's pumpkin not covered in pink paint!  

Knoxie even got a little dab on his nose! It was a fun Friday night!

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