Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Gigi and I took the babies to Chuck E Cheese one day and they went crazy because they wanted these suckers.  Mean mommy said no! ha They had enough sugar that day!  So… the next day Gigi showed up with suckers for everyone! They were in heaven!

This little boy loves his mommy.  One day I was getting ready and putting on makeup so he brought his bear and blanket and made a little pallet on the floor to watch me! 

Fun night out with friends watching Adam work the runway! 

These little cuties had so much fun celebrating Hudson and Wyatt's birthday! 

Someone was a little clingy at first! 

These were our attempts at a family picture!  The babies teacher has been asking for a family picture since school started!  We don't have one where we are all looking at the camera and smiling.  I guess we weren't going to get one on this day either! 

And then this happened!  Brooksy wasn't feeling family picture time!  Poor Knox! ha 

A just cleaning up a little!

Cupcake time!

It was such a fun party!  They even had baby goats and a cow!

My babies before church! 

This might be the only soccer picture I get.  Apparently the photographer ran off with every one's money! I'm so mad!  I didn't think the pictures would be framers but they were their first official sports pictures.  I still think we might have the cutest little soccer team ever! 

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