Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Weekend

When we got home from the zoo Gigi watched the boys and I took Ava to Lyla's house to carve pumpkins and eat pizza! 
 Lyla has the best dress up clothes and A was in heaven! She picked out a pink halter top and pom poms! ha 

Then she decided she needed a little more religion in her life so she sat down to read the bible! 

Posing with their pumpkins!  Ava didn't have a pumpkin because daddy was working and I didn't bring one but she had no clue! 

The next day we went to Ella's first birthday party! Ava wanted me to take a picture of her before we left! ha She was ready with this pose.  She really likes the looking over the shoulder pictures.  Where does she get this stuff?! I don't take selfies?! 

My boy on his tractor! 

After naps we went to the Hall's house for dinner and to carve pumpkins! 

Knoxie wanted in on the action with the big boys!

We traded babies!  I had to get my hands on sweet Vivi! I miss having a little baby! 

I just need to give up on group pics.  It never seems to work out!  Ava's the only one I can count on to give me a smile!  Brooks literally runs from the camera so I never have pics of him! 

Ava and her best girl Vivi! Big Sis/Little Sis!

B is not a big fan of carving pumpkins so we always conveniently forget to bring one to pumpkin carving parties! ha

Posing for their weekly church pic for Gigi!

After church we got ready for our neighborhood Halloween party/parade!  

This one was not too sure about his scarecrow costume! 

Ready for the party!

A firetruck was at the party to lead the parade!  The kids got to play on the truck and they got stickers!  We love our neighborhood and all of the parties they have!

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