Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

My handsome boy!

I love when the leaves change!  The pretty view from our front door!

Brooks has been asking for cupcakes for weeks.  One night we finally got around to baking some.  The kids had so much fun! They each got to crack an egg and take turns stirring the batter!  

Then we got to decorate the cupcakes!  They were very yummy!  A, B, and K did a great job! 

Gigi came home from LA and she came bearing gifts! New hats and clothes!  The kids couldn't have been any happier!

Modeling two or three of her new hats!  This girl loves her accessories!

My little GQ models!

One day during nap time I decided to put up our pre-lit tree… Pre-lit my butt!  One strand of lights worked! One!!!! I couldn't leave to get more so I called Bob to come help!  We couldn't get any of the lights to work so we had to buy more!  I just threw them on the tree and figured if I covered it with enough ornaments you wouldn't be able to see that most of the lights weren't working! ha Decorating for Christmas can really be a job! 

A decided she didn't want to nap and wanted to help decorate.  I caught her trying to get inside a stocking.  I think she thought it was a sleeping bag! ha 


That night I stayed home to decorate and B got to take Ava to dance!  They had a little daddy daughter date and went to dinner afterwards!  B even took a selfie for me!  Love these two! 

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