Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Haircuts, Babies, Chuck E Cheese!

Fun at Chuck E with Gigi!  This is our new Monday spot… 

The boys tree!  I love the big vintage colored lights! 

A's tree!

The cutest centerpieces I have ever seen!  I love my little turkeys!

Their number one favorite thing to do.  Eat popcorn and watch the Sandlot.  

We were looking a little shaggy so we went to Christina to get holiday trims.  Well, the boys did!  A still doesn't have that much hair! ha 


Checking himself out!

After! They look so grown up! 

This was my attempt to take the babies picture before their Thanksgiving feast at school.  It was a rough morning. 

After school Ava wanted to redeem herself so she posed for more pics. Ha  I think she wanted to show off her turkey shirt.  She was very proud of it! It was actually the shirt Jennifer made her last year!  It still fits thank goodness!  I hope we can stretch it out and make it work next year too!

Little poser!

My bff was being induced Friday morning so I woke up bright and early to head to Little Rock to meet baby Londyn! I thought it would take all day but Lauren was a super star and had Londyn in record time!  I'm so proud of her!  She had the perfect delivery and Londyn could not be more perfect!  Erica and Cori were in town too and it was so fun to all be there together! 

Is she not the prettiest princess?!

Me and my best girls!

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