Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Brandon and I planned a trip for our five year anniversary last year but we never got to go! The stomach virus from hell circulated through our house and B got very sick the night before we were supposed to leave.  We had to use the tickets within a year so we rescheduled our trip for our anniversary this year! We didn't make any plans before we left!  Not one single reservation!  I was so paranoid our trip would be canceled again and I didn't want to jinx it! 

I had a stack of magazines a mile high to read on the trip!  I had been saving them for months!  I just never have time to sit down with a magazine when I'm at home! I put a pretty big dent in my stack on the flight there!

We made it!  This was B's first time to go to NYC!  This was his first NYC taxi selfie!

It's crazy that so many of my good friends live in New York! I was so excited to see them all!  We were staying with Cori so we dropped our bags off at her house and went to a restaurant nearby to get lunch!   I don't think B realized how much walking we would be doing and he had a little freak out moment on the way to the restaurant!  Ha I thought I was going to have to ship him back to Fayetteville.  I think he was just hangry! ha 

We went to Rosemary's.  It was such a cute restaurant and so good! 

They had the best salads!  B had a proscuitto panini (A ham sandwich according to him.)

After lunch we went to the 9-11 memorial.  It was very neat and very sad.  It made me a little nervous to be there.  I can't imagine what all of those people went through!

From there we walked to Claire's apartment.  It was such a nice walk with a pretty view!

We did a little walking along the way and stopped at Shake Shack for a snack.  I've heard so much about it and B is obsessed with milkshakes so this place was right up his alley! 
We went to Claire and Joe's apartment for drinks and then we went to dinner.  It was so much fun!  I loved getting to catch up with Claire!  I wish I had taken a few pictures! 

The next morning we got on the ferry and went to New Jersey to visit Ann and Vivian and Andrew! 
Selfie on a boat…ha

We went to lunch and had a great time catching up!  These twins are just too cute! I can't believe how big they are getting! 

They were so sad to see us leave! ha 

After we got back to the city we went to Time Square and then I got in line to wait for tickets to Book of Mormon while B sat at a bar nearby.  

I think I waited for almost three hours but we finally got tickets! We ate dinner at Serafina next door to the theater and then got in line to go in! 

The show was hilarious, crazy, inappropriate, but very entertaining.  B loved it!

The next morning we went to FAO Schwartz!  I can't wait to take the kids here one day! 
The Big Piano!

This is the closest to the Statue of Liberty I plan on getting!  I'm not much of a sightseer! 

Rockefeller Center!

We went shopping on Fifth Avenue and bought lots of things for the kids (of course!)!  B lasted in one store and then he had to take a break! ha He hates to shop more than anyone I have ever met! We met Ann and Kent for lunch which was fun! 

We also went on a carriage ride in Central Park! 

We stopped at Bouchon and got a sweet treat to eat on our carriage ride! I think all we did on this trip was eat!  

That night we met Cori for drinks at Soho House and then dinner at the Standard!  Even though we were staying with her it was the first time we got to really hang out!  She was busy with work and we were busy sightseeing! 

Our last dinner in NYC!

Our flight didn't leave until early evening so we woke up and got coffee and went for a walk on the high line.  It was pretty neat! Lots of good views of the city! 

Brooks told Gigi he was sad because he missed mommy and daddy but Gigi assured him we would bring him a surprise and he said, "Yep, a truck."  A truck is the one thing I didn't have to bring home so we were scrambling at the last minute to find one for our boy!  I found this cookie at the Chelsea Market and I knew he would love it!  He is all boy that's for sure! 

We stopped for pizza at Bleeker Street Pizza, The best pizza in NYC according to Food Network apparently! ha I have to be honest, I'm a little partial to US Pizza back in Fayetteville! ha B loved it though!  Probably because it was the cheapest meal we had while we were there! 
We had such a great trip but couldn't wait to get back to our babies!  We missed them so much! 

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