Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Trip to the Zoo

Several weeks ago we went to the Tulsa Zoo with the Bowen's and the Penix's.  This is the first real zoo the kids have ever been to.  It was my first time to the Tulsa Zoo too! 

Daddy Daycare! 

We stopped to look at the elephants first!  

Next we stopped at the reptile house!  Gross! ha 

Then I looked over and Brooks was petting a snake!  My little chicken might be a little braver than I thought!  I kind of wish he was afraid of snakes!  I don't want him to try to pet one at daddy's deer camp!

Brave boys!

While the boys were playing with snakes Ava was standing back posing for pictures!  She's her mothers child! 

I can't remember what we were looking at here but Brooks was very excited about it! 

Love him! 

My monkeys watching the monkeys!  I think the monkeys might be my favorite animals at the zoo! Definitely the most entertaining!

Cute kiddos!  They were all so well behaved!  Well, my kids had their moments!  I didn't bring any snacks so we had to bum off everyone else!  And I made the mistake of buying one Sprite and there were quite a few fights over it! 

The girls posing with the pink flamingos!  

My boy!  Knox is a bit of a wanderer so we had to stay right on top of him so we didn't lose him! He thinks it's hilarious to run away.  I don't think it's that funny! 

Just hanging out with some goats!  

We almost lost Knox in the goat pen.  I'm pretty sure he had a heart attack.  He was standing next to a goat and it shivered and made a funny noise and he lost it!  He screamed and grabbed the leg of a zoo worker shoveling poop! ha 

What diseases do goats carry?!

Family picture!  

Checking out the giraffes! 

Cheese! How cute are these guys?! Knox threw a fit for this giant bag of popcorn so B bought it for him and he literally ate the entire bag. He carried it all over the zoo! 

Such a poser! 

The kids were so excited about the train ride and so was I!  

Checking out the animals!

Right after I took this pic B got stung by a bee!  He said he took one for the team because he was swatting it away so it wouldn't sting the kids!  He is allergic and his hand was swollen for weeks! 

Still holding his popcorn tight!

Bye Zoo!  We had such a fun day with our friends and can't wait to go back next Spring! 

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