Monday, December 2, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

The Penix's had us over for a play date a few months ago!  We all had so much fun and Ava loved "helping" with Vivi!

After the play date we met Gigi at Chuck E Cheese!  The kids love going! Brooksy rides the same motorcycle over and over again!

I love this silly boy!  His little giggle is the cutest thing ever!

At the end of summer we borrowed Gigi's Jeep and took the top off.  The kids LOVED it!  All they talked about for weeks was "Gigi's Jeep"  In fact they still talk about it.  They spent hours playing in it!  

Are they not the cutest?!

We got several funny looks when people pulled up next to us and saw our full backseat!

Our wild Saturday night!  We went for a jeep ride and out to dinner!  

Ava would put her hands up like she was on a roller coaster! 

He looks like a little man reading his menu! 

Listening to the one man band!  He played kids songs for them! 

The next morning Porter and Hudson came over to play.  The kids had so much fun playing outside!  
A teeter totter full of cuties! 

At one point all four of them were riding the ranger!  Thank goodness Porter could drive them all around.  My kids just run it into the bushes and the fence! 

Our Blue Bobcat cheerleader driving the jeep to the game later that afternoon! 

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