Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Party Animals!

A few weeks ago Ava and I went to Lyla's birthday party.  The girls were supposed to dress like princesses and Gigi bought Ava a new Frozen dress to wear but she said it hurt and refused to wear it!  I think the cheap material was a little scratchy!  So… She picked out her own outfit.  And sunglasses.. It wasn't sunny out… Oh this girl! 

The party was so cute!  All of the girls got manis and pedis and ate cupcakes! 

My princess!

The girls!

It was freezing outside but A insisted on wearing her new flip flops home! 

After we left we met Gigi and the boys at our next birthday party.  It was a farm party and it was so much fun!  There were baby animals and pony and hay rides!  Oh and tractors too!  My kids were in heaven! 

Kyleigh Jo's birthday was so cute!  We all had so much fun! 

My boy in his happy place!  On a tractor!

I wanted a group pic but Brooks was too busy driving the tractor!

I love to watch these two.  The conversations they have crack me up!  

It was such a fun party!  The next morning the kids woke up and cried because they wanted to go to another birthday party! ha

These three love Gigi's Elmo! 

Kiki's famous!  Caroline has been doing extra work in LA and we all watched her big screen debut! Great job Kiki! 

The week of Thanksgiving when school was out we were all going a little stir crazy!  One day we met Gigi at Chuck E Cheese to have some fun!  

I have a little cowboy on my hands.  He's shoots us all! 

Too cool for school!  This is Ava's uniform.  Boots, Jacket, hat, sunglasses, and backpack. This is what she puts on every day when she gets up.  Throughout the day she changes shoes, hats, and jackets, but the uniform basically stays the same… Oh and the jacket/vest has to be zipped up to the very top.  She has to be burning up! 

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