Friday, December 20, 2013

Swimming in November!

Sunday fun!  B was hunting, of course, so the babies and I went to church!  A picked out her outfit.  I forgot Brooks's shoes.  Just a normal day for us! ha 

My handsome boy! 

After church we went to Bob's house for a swim!  He had surprises for the kids!  Popcorn balls!  They were obsessed!  They pretty much love anything that involves popcorn! 

Oh, and they got new hats too! 

Thank goodness Bob and Jenny were ready to jump in because I didn't want to get in the pool! 
The kids had so much fun swimming and did so well! They are going to be ready for summer!

Fish by the pool! 

Living the life!  Just snacking and relaxing! 

Go Brooks Go!

Ava is my little fish!  She has always been the bravest kid!

We had so much fun!  Thanks for having us over to swim Bob and Jenny! 

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