Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

We went to Fort Smith to watch Walker play football and Ava insisted on wearing her hat sunglasses, and carrying her purse.  She kept these glasses on the entire drive to Fort Smith.  She is a mess!

I could kiss his little cheeks off!

Go Walker Go!  He scored two touchdowns and Ava cheered so loud for him!  She is going to be a great cheerleader for the boys one day! 

The boys spotted the only tractor for miles and insisted on going to look at it.  It was an old rusted tractor under the bleachers so Nini and I took them down to play with it! 

Love this cutie!

It looks like they are watching the game but I actually think they were watching the little cheerleaders!

One day we took the kids out to the land to ride four wheelers.  They had so much fun!  Brooks asks every day to go to the land to drive a four wheeler! ha 

Love him!

Such a big boy!

Watching daddy cut down trees!

Brooksy driving the four wheeler!

Waving bye to the cows!

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