Monday, December 9, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Feeding the chickens at Bob and Jennys!  The kids love throwing bread at them but they don't like to get too close! 

Happy Birthday Leigh!  I had so much fun celebrating your birthday! 

Caroline has been doing extra work in LA!  She was on the Mindy Project and said she was standing right by Mindy when this picture was taken!  Be on the lookout for Caroline on tv!

Gigi went with us to the homecoming parade!  We had so much fun! Ava has been obsessed with this hat lately, really all accessories in general!  Such a little priss!

She is just too much!

Love my boy in his suspenders!

My baby!

Here comes the firetruck!  The boys are obsessed right now!  Especially Brooks!  Gigi bought them their own firetruck to play with that really shoots water and has sirens! 

We cheered extra loud for the Chi O's!

He was very serious about the parade! 

The cutest little Hog fans I know!

The plan was to take Brooksy to the game by himself but those plans changed!  Ava saw us all getting ready for the game and she flipped out!  She started pulling dresses and shoes out of her closet to wear! She kept saying, "A go bye bye too!"  It broke my heart so we let her go to the game too!  I'm a bit of a pushover! 

Just doing a little posing at the tailgate!

Family pic time!  We missed Knoxie!  

Ava had lots of fun at the tailgate!  She ate approximately twenty football shaped brownies! ha 

Snuggles with one of my favorites!

Gigi bought her pom poms and she went to town!  She cheered so loud! 

Calling the Hogs with Daddy! 

Gosh I love him!

This girl loves makeup!  She is always trying to sneak my makeup bag out!  One day when the boys were at soccer with daddy Ava and I played dress up!  Complete with a full face of makeup! She had so much fun and couldn't wait to show the boys and daddy when they got home! 

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