Friday, May 11, 2012

12 Months Old!

They are all still little eating machines! Ava is probably the pickiest but she has even come around.  She use to not like eggs and now she gobbles them down!  If fruit isn't sweet enough she might not eat it but other than that they eat like little piggies!  Gigi transitioned them to organic whole milk while we were out of town and it went great!  I don't think they can tell a difference!  Thank goodness!  They drink out of sippy cups for the most part with one bottle of whole milk at night.  They wake up and have breakfast and a sippy cup of milk.  Breakfast is usually mini omelets, yogurt, oatmeal and fruit, sweet potato pancakes or multi grain waffles.  Occasionally peanut butter toast.  After they wake up from their nap they have lunch and another sippy of milk.  Lunch is usually string cheese and meat, fruit, fish sticks, nuggets, cauliflower, broccoli, apple sauce, soup, grilled cheese, quasadillas, etc.  They usually take another cup of milk before their afternoon nap.  When they wake up they eat their dinner at 5:30 or 6 which is usually what we are eating or a lot like lunch.  I've had to get pretty creative on what I feed them!  We are going through so much food!  I can't imagine what it will be like to feed three teenagers!   They take their milk bottle at 7:30 and then are off to bed! I thought they could try peanut butter and shellfish but Dr A said to wait until they are two.  We tried peanut butter before we talked to her and they really like it!  Oh and we are officially done with baby food finally!  They also get cups of water but I don't give them juice.  The boys have tried a few juice boxes at parties and sucked them down!  They loved them! 

The babies wake up around 8:30.  Take a morning nap from 11-1:30 and then an afternoon nap from 3:30-5:30 and go down for the night at 8.  I tried to cut out their morning nap a few weeks ago but I just don't think they were ready.  I guess I will have to try that again later this summer so they will be ready to start mothers day out in August.  They are still great sleepers and go down so easily!  I can't even remember a time when they woke up in the middle of the night! 

Ava is still crawling as fast as she can!  She pulls up on everything and walks around furniture.  She has let go a few times but not as much as the boys!  I think it will be a few months before she starts walking.  She claps, blows kisses, waves bye.  Anytime we tell her to say Hi she puts her hand up to her ear like she is talking on the phone and says it.  B and my mom say that is my fault that I am on the phone too much but I think it's because I always hand her the phone and say, "Ava say hi!" She also says mamma and dada.  She can turn the water on in the bath tub and she likes to help rub her lotion in.  She still fake cries if she needs to get her way!  Every time she sees a picture of a baby she kisses it!  She loves to look at herself on the camera on my phone and give kisses.  She also knows what buttons to push to turn the screen on.  She still loves the remote and likes to turn the tv on and off.  I think her obsession with paci's is getting worse too.  Any time she finds one she puts it in her mouth!  She puts everything in her mouth.  Yesterday it was a spider! She loves being outside and swinging and sliding! 
Brooks is still a fast crawler and he seems like he is getting pretty close to walking.  He walks around furniture and lets go a lot.  He can take one or two steps and then falls.  He can also walk around holding one of my hands.  He claps, waves, and blows kisses.  He still loves to play with his shadow.  It's so cute to watch.  He loves his hands!  he also loves to dance.  If there is music on he is moving!  So cute!  He says mamma, dada, hi, coco, and layla.  He still loves to watch tv.  He will watch anything so I have started turning it off so he can't watch!  He is still my little observer!  He gets bored easily sitting in his high chair.  He always looks like he is about to fall asleep!  I just don't think he is as enthusiastic about food as the other two!  He loves being outside and his wagon.  He is very cautious though.  He is my little chicken.  The littlest things scare him!  It's pretty cute!  He eventually warms up but it sometimes takes a while!  He is the sweetest baby ever and so easy!  This boy is always happy! 
Knox crawls ninety to nothing!  He also stands up by himself the best!  He stands a lot to drink his bottle.  I don't know when I think he will start walking.  I don't think any of them are in a huge hurry because they can all crawl so fast to get wear they need to go!  Knox says, hi, bye, momma, dada, Coco, and Layla.  He is also really good at repeating what we tell him to say like "Baseball."  He still growls all of the time and loves for us to growl back.  He is also still a wild child! In to everything!  He loves being outside and swinging and sliding high and fast!  He is a little lover and gives lots of kisses too!  He loves peek-a-boo and I catch him playing it with his brother and sister a lot! He also loves to eat and shoves food in his mouth as fast as he can!  Sometimes a little too fast and he gets sick!  He loves a good time and loves to laugh! 
They are all growing so fast and doing so much more every day!  Their favorite toys right now are the piano, tunnel, giggling baby, cars, and balls.  One of the cutest things they do is laugh at each other.  When I am playing with one baby and they are laughing the other two laugh too.  They are happy their brother or sister is happy!  It's pretty cute! 

They still love the bath.  Especially now that they have so many new bath toys!  I usually put them all in the bath tub together so they can play.  It gets a little crazy in there!  I can do it by myself but it is nice to have a helper that can get a few of them dressed!  They all stand up which is dangerous and drives me crazy.  They all want to turn on the faucet!  I can't wait to get them in the pool this summer!  I know they are going to love that too! 

Ava wears 12-18 month clothes and a 3.5 shoe.  The boys are basically wearing 18 month clothes and size 4 shoes.  I'm not buying them one more thing for summer!  They have way too many clothes as it is!  I need to start dressing them more during the day so they can wear everything, but that just means more laundry for me! 

I think they keep getting skinnier and skinnier!  They all basically look the same they just look long and bony!  Everyone still says Knox looks like me, Brooks like Brandon, and Ava is a combination!  Ava's eyes are getting bluer and her hair is getting lighter!  It almost looks like it will turn blond.  Her skin is still very dark and I know it will get even darker this summer!  Her chubby cheeks are starting to disappear too!  I miss them!  Her smile is hilarious because her little buck teeth stick straight out and she loves to show them off!  She puts her tongue in between them constantly too!  Brooks is finally starting to get more hair.  It is still a light red color.  It's just hard to tell what color it will be when he has a lot of it!  He still has big blue eyes and pretty big lips!  He is such a big boy.  He is long and lanky but feels so solid compared to the other two!  His little hands are huge too!  Knox is finally getting more hair too.  It's very dark brown.  It sometimes looks like it has a red tint too!  He has the biggest eyes!  He likes to open them wide and look surprised!  It's pretty funny.  He doesn't seem nearly as big as Brooks but they are actually pretty close in height and weight!  They just keep getting cuter and cuter every day!

Ava has six teeth now!  Three on top and three on bottom!  Brooks has seven teeth!  Four on top and three on bottom!  Knox finally has four teeth!  The two bottom middle teeth and the two top teeth.  Those have barely peeked through though.  Dr A said they will probably all have big gaps in their front teeth because they have thick gums-I can't remember the actual name but it's the part of your gums above your top teeth.   She said they will probably have to have them clipped when they are two or three.  I think the gaps are pretty cute right now! ha

Length-30in  75th percentile
Weight- 18lbs 6oz Below 10th percentile
Head-85th percentile

Length-30 1/4 in.  60th percentile
Weight-19lbs 11oz Below 10th percentile
Head-70th percentile

Length-30in 50th percentile
Weight-19lbs 3oz 5th percentile
Head-50th percentile

I think they were all pretty light because they had a stomach virus for a week and a half!  They had nothing but pedialyte!  I'm hoping they will bulk up a little bit soon!  I think another reason they are so skinny is they never stop moving.  Ever.  I don't let them watch tv so there is never a second where they just sit still.  They are constantly chasing each other or moving on to the next toy.  I'm afraid they might have a little ADHD! 

Ava Alexis Elliott

Brooks Henry Elliott

Knox Andrew Elliott

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