Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cell phone pics

 Ava's first ponytail with a leopard Emi Jay hair tie of course!  ha 

This week Ava had a slumber party at Gigi's and the boys and I went to cheer on daddy and the Wedington Liquor softball team!  We could only stay for one game but they did a great job and won both games!  Yahh Daddy!  The boys had lots of fun watching too! 

I had shirts made for the babies.  I even had a shirt made for myself that says, "Manager"! ha I told B I was going to wear my shirt too and I think he got a little embarressed! He told me it might be a little cheesey if we are all dressed alike! I didn't care and wore my manager shirt proudly! 

Their cousin Andrew is one of the stars of the team!  We yelled extra loud for him! 

Nana and Poppy came to visit this week and Poppy put together a lot of their birthday presents!  The boys love their truck!  They ride in it together and Ava pushes them around the house!  It's pretty cute!  
I don't think Knox was thrilled about sharing the front seat in this picture!

Friday night we went to the Greer's house for a cookout to celebrate Sarah and Allison's birthday!  Happy birthday friends! Knox went with Gigi to the baseball game and Brooks and Ava got to party with us!  

B spent the majority of the night in this position catching the babies when they dove down the slide.  They LOVE bouncy houses!  I think we just need to buy them one of their own!  

Having so much fun!

This was probably the five hundreth time she slid down the slide.  They both did it over and over again! 

I should have taken a picture of Sarah's yard after the party!  There were toys everywhere!  Oh and TCBY cups! 

Saturday the babies and I went to the last baseball game of the season! 

Walker loves the babies and is such a big helper!

B got to stop by and say Hi too!  Just hanging out with his boys! 

Ava sporting her new tattoo.  She might be wearing it for months because I can't get it off!

Harrison stopped by to say hi and meet the babies too! We missed you Beth Anne! 

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