Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday Pics from My Camera!

I hate to even post the pictures I took with my camera after Chris Stinsons' but  oh well!  There are a few cute ones! 

Love this picture!

This one too! 

The pinata!

How cute is this happy boy?

Ava's first sucker and the only way to keep her happy in the baby trough!

How funny is our homemade play pen! Mommy's and daddy's could drink margaritas while the babies played! 

This is how Ava felt when her sucker was taken away.  Her heart was completely broken!

The little love birds.  I think they must have been in a tiff at the party because no kisses were exchanged! 

My poor little sick boy.  At the time I thought it was teething.  Now I know it was the stomach virus from hell! 

Sweet Brooks!

Poor thing was so cuddly!

Ben liked the play pen too! 

Sweet Miller!
 Heather, Alex, Cami, and Cory!

Karrie and Em!

The Birthday banner Allison made!  Thanks again Ali!


By the end of the party we were all on the dinosaur! The whole family! How funny is this?  I think it should be my dad and Jenny's Christmas card! 

Madeline with her sweet brother!

Brooks was obsessed with the bounce house!  We couldn't keep him off of it! 

Ben and Caitlyn stopped by!  Caitlyn was my nurse when I had the babies and took all of the pictures of their birth!  I still owe her a gift for that! 

The tent!

Lauren getting a little practice in! 


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