Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Easter! Part 2

After church we made a quick stop at the house to pick up food and change clothes and then we were off to the baseball game to cheer on the Hogs and celebrate Easter with our family! 

This is the only family picture we took all day!  About as good as it gets!

Four generations of Catsavis girls!

The Catsavis boys! We missed you Nick! 

Nini and her kids! 

Sweet A, wearing her Easter dress Nini bought her!

My babies and me!

I brought the babies special baseball outfits for the game but I loved their Easter outfits so much I couldn't take them off!  The knee socks and shoes had to go though! 

Ms. Nosey always has her eyes on the action! 

Calling the Hogs! 

Their Easter lunch!

 Knox with his Aunt Marcy!

Brooksy was in a great mood!  He had lots of smiles for me! 

Such a sweetie!

Knox hanging out with the big boys!

Being Silly!

Christina and Jonathan

With their ring bearer Knoxie!

Ava hanging out with some of her favorite people!

Ava being silly with Marcy!

The best view in the house! 

 Enjoying a little Easter candy!

My boys and me! 

 Easter surprises!

Cousin Hugs!

Brooksy reading Jennifer a story!

Cali and Alex

Marcy and Andrew!

Caroline and her boy!

This kid had so much fun he fell asleep holding his ball on the way home!  The foul ball rolled right up to my car as I was loading the babies in!  It's their new favorite car toy! 

They didn't get to sleep long because we had more celebrating to do when we got home! 

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