Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Easter Part 3

After we got home from the game it was Easter basket time!  Gigi outdid herself again this year! The babies had so many gifts to open!  Nanna and Poppy sent them cards and Bobby and Jenny got them surprises too!   

Gigi  had special buckets made for the babies from So Inviting!  So cute!

They couldn't wait to tear them open and spread the grass all over the house! ha 
Ava was checking out her brothers new speedo swim diaper! 

 Brooks and Knox tearing into their gifts!

Princess Ava even got a crown to wear on her birthday! 

A new sun hat too! 

Gigi helped Knox open his Tooth Fairy box!  

After gifts we had a special Easter dinner!
This is Ava's new face.  She squints her eyes.  It's pretty funny and I have no idea where she picked this up! 

She just cracks herself up! 

 After dinner it was time for bunny cake!  Ava loved the cake!

Yummy!  So much better than peas and carrots! 

Knoxie apparently loved it too!  
 I took the cutest picture of Brooks eating the cake but I accidentally cut half of his head off!  oops! We had a great Easter at our house and we hope you did too! 

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