Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Easter Part 1

We had such a great Easter at our house.  We were busy busy but we always are,  so that wasn't anything new!  We started off our weekend at the farmers market!  The babies (B and I too) love the farmers market!  It's definitely one of my favorite things about Fayetteville!  We brought home the prettiest pink tulips!  We had lunch at Loafin and then brought the babies home for a long nap!  

Ava was nice enough to wait in line with me for our flowers!  

I'm not sure what got into B and I but we were cleaning machines that afternoon!  B worked outside all day and I tackled the mounds of laundry inside and cleaned out my closet!  That night I still didn't stop!  I laid out everyone's church clothes for the next morning, made a breakfast casserole, potato salad, coleslaw, and a bunny cake.  That is probably the most I have cooked in a year! I also had to help the Easter bunny get the gifts ready for the next morning!  

I feel like this was the babies first Easter but it wasn't! Last year they were still in the Nicu for Easter!  I can't believe how much has changed in one year! 

Easter 2011

They were looking to see if the Easter bunny left any treats outside! 

Mommy had to turn on a little hi-5 so I could get everyone dressed for church!  Brooksy loves to dance to hi-5!

Look at all of the loot the Easter bunny brought! I guess the babies have been extra good this year! Their new tunnel is their favorite thing ever!  As soon as they get in the tunnel they start laughing hysterically!  Something about it brings out the giggles!

Our first bunny cake!  I hope this becomes a tradition!  I can't wait until the babies can help me bake it! 

Getting to church by 9:40 was a bit of a challenge!  We were of course late, but only by 10 minutes!  Someone (not the babies or me) had a wardrobe malfunction that set us back a while!  When we got there we were too late to take the babies to the nursery so we brought them in the stroller and we all had to sit in the lobby and watch the sermon on the screen and through the doors!  The babies really did great. Not one melt down!  I wish I had snapped more pictures when we were all dressed up but things were just too hectic so that didn't happen! 

B looks thrilled to be chasing babies in the lobby in his too tight suit doesn't he? ha

My little Knox

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