Friday, May 4, 2012

Lately (Actually three weeks ago)

There is a really good chance I have already posted these pictures...  I took them so long ago!  If not, I didn't want to pass them up because I think they are pretty cute!  
Several weeks ago we went to First Thursday on the square.  Just another neat little event Fayetteville does!  The weather was perfect!  

Knox was obsessed with B's Koolaid!  He held it all night! 

Sweet Brooksy looks twelve! 

So many of our friends were there! Hi Sarah and Bennett!

Knox is ready for his first float trip!  We made it home with a million of these koozies! 

Brooks is really ready for his first float trip!  He is sitting in a canoe with his koozie ready to go! 

After we left the beer garden we made our way to Tim's for dinner!  Knox tried his first lemon.  I think he was surprised by the taste a little bit! 

Ava thought the people watching was great!  

 Friday B went to Dallas for a last minute trip to a Nascar race.  It was a "work" trip I guess!ha  The babies and I spent most of the weekend at the ballpark!  

 Saturday the boys and I went to Eli's birthday party while Ava hung out with Gigi!  After the party Courtney and Emory stopped by to drop off a birthday gift and play!  The babies were napping the whole time but they couldn't wait to open their gift as soon as they got up! 

Brooks was so excited! 

They have gotten pretty good at opening gifts! 

How fun is this?  Thanks Emory!  We love it! 

Oh, and Ava has finally learned to hold her own bottle.  She learned a week before she is supposed to stop taking a bottle.  Knox can hold his own too.  Brooks completely refuses! I think he might be a little spoiled! 

We also celebrated three special birthdays this week!  

Happy birthday Karrie and Joseph! 

Happy Birthday Emily! 

Grandpa Bob and Jenny got the babies a swing set for their first birthday!  We love it!  I can't believe we can swing any time we want now!  No more loading the babies up and taking them to the park! 

This little wild child loves the slide!  The faster the better!  Knoxie too!

The more we get out and do the more laundry I have!  Lately it seems like the babies have been going through three or four outfits a day!  I have spent a lot of time in the laundry room!  If I accidentally leave the doggie door open this happens!  

Knox too!  They are obsessed with the dog bowls! 

If I shut the doggie door this is what happens! ha Little jailbirds! 

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