Sunday, May 6, 2012

A quick update, just because I am so proud of myself!  

-I cleaned out all of the babies clothes, photographed them and sold them on facebook.  Everything else I am selling in our garage sale this Saturday! 

-I cleaned out Brandon's closet!  Our entire closet is spotless at the moment!  I know it won't last long but it looks so good! I really should have done a before and after picture on B's side.  You can't even imagine the mess.  He is a hoarder that won't throw anything away.  He finally parted with two pairs of jeans he bought right when we started dating.  Over eleven years ago!  If something has bleach stains or holes he just says, "Oh I'll wear that hunting".  He can justify keeping anything!  So I waited until he left the house and went to work!  I have also discovered he has an obsession with Polo khaki shorts.   He own 19 pairs. Yes, you read that correctly...19!!!  What is wrong with him??  He also owns every color Polo shirt they make.  Definitely all of the blues!  Oh and about 5 North Face vests.  That one is partly my fault though.  He told everyone that's what he wanted for Christmas so that is what he got.  From everyone.  

 The Polo Rainbow
-I cooked dinner three nights this week!  Fish tacos, rice and beans, chicken spaghetti, with squash and zuchinni, and a million veggies the third night!  I'm seriously on a roll!  The babies loved all of it!  Especially the fish tacos!  The veggies were a complete mess!  There were sweet potatoes and cauliflower all over my kitchen.  One advantage to having fast food kids is you would never have to clean a high chair! ha  Some days I feel like all I do is clean the high chairs.  Thank goodness I have two fatty dogs that love to eat things off of the floor!

-The baby books are up to date!  It took a while and a little research back on the blog but I completely filled them out!  I need to buy a little glue and order pictures to add to the book but I'm still pretty proud of myself! 

-Ava's bedding is being made.  Jack of all trades and baby sister extroadinaire Jennifer is making a pillow for Ava's couch and making her bumper pads!  I'm so excited!  Now I just need to order the pictures for above her couch! 

-The birthday pictures are ready that Chris Stinson took!  He posted a sneak peek on his blog and I love them!  So next on the list is making the birthday book! 

I think a little vaca is all I needed to recharge so I could get things done!  I might accomplish everything by Memorial Day after all!  

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kristen said...

Where on Facebook do you sell their clothes