Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Girls Only!

On Thursday Ava invited a few of her friends over to play and celebrate her birthday!  It was an "All Girls Pink Party Picnic"!  Miss Priss loved hosting a party in her honor!  She was on her best behavior and was eating up all of the attention!  Gigi made lunch for everyone and we ate and drank and toasted Ava!

Thanks for all of the food Gigi and Caroline!  It was so good!  They made almond french toast with berries, crab and mushroom quiche, spinach salad, fruit, and baby quiche for the babies! 

Knox and Brooks weren't invited to the party but they were allowed to make a quick appearance as long as they wore their pink!  I love a boy in a pink shirt! 

Funny girl with Aunt Caroline!

Knox and Caroline gave us a little concert!

Tressa and Brooks!

Mommy and her boys! 

I love all of these pictures because of Ava's expressions.  She knew it was her birthday and she knew everyone was there for her.  She felt really cool!  The boys knew it wasn't their special day so they were bored and it shows! 

Jennifer came to celebrate too! 

Birthday Balloons!

Probably one of my favorite pictures of Ava!  I just love her little expression!  She is so funny! 


 Love this face! 

Estelle wore her sparkly high heels for the party and wanted to show them off for the camera!  Such  a big girl!  I want some high heels like that! 


Happy Birthday Ava!

We have been practicing our blowing but I still had to help out a little bit!  She tried though!

Every birthday girl should get to lick the candle!

Time to dig in!

Someone wasn't very happy when Gigi took the cake away! 

 Yummy Petit Fours!

Chris stopped by to say hi to the birthday girl! 

Karrie and Princess Ava!

Ava and her best girlfriends! 

Group Picture!  Madeline was helping her mommy with baby Graham so she missed the picture!

Sweet Caroline! 

The whole day Ava held up her finger telling everyone how old she was! I really think she was feeling a tooth but who knows!

Leslie posted this picture with the caption, "Three future Chi O's"  I love it!  Ava loved hanging out with the big girls!  She looked so old sitting there with her friends! 

 This was the only time she wore her birthday crown all week and it lasted five seconds!  Maybe less..

And then she ate it...

 My one year old! tear...

 Gigi with the birthday girl!  
I can't believe you are one sweet Ava!  I hope you had fun at your Pink Party! I think you did! Thanks for celebrating with us everyone!

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Leslie Penix said...

It was a PERFECT party. Miss Ava was the perfect party girl! She is gorgeous! We had a great time, Thanks for including us. Love that sweet girl and her brothers!