Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boys Only!

We spent Tuesday night at the ballpark for a "Boys Only" birthday party for Knox and Brooks!  B told me I wasn't supposed to come since I was a girl but I wasn't about to miss this! It was the perfect night for baseball!  The babies ran around everywhere!  I think they all had fun! 

Family pic!  We missed Ava but I know she was having fun with Gigi and I think the boys enjoyed a little mommy daddy time by themselves!  

Ribby with the birthday boys! 

I thought their cake was pretty cute!  It got completely squished on the ride to the game but I don't think they knew the difference!

Allison and Miller brought the babies their first set of golf clubs!  They love playing with them! Thanks guys!   

Miller had to show them how it's done! 

Bennett and his mommy came to celebrate too! 

Eli and his mommy! How cute is he?

Miller, Knox, and Charlie!  I think Miller and Knox think they are big boys too! 


The Nuckols and Brooksy!

The Halls

I thought this picture was hilarious! I think Eli must have taught Knox how to pick his nose because a few days later I found Knox's finger in his nose too! Eww! ha 

Knox and Aunt Karrie thought it was pretty funny too! 

Miller and his mommy! 

We don't take pictures by ourselves that often since the three came along! 

 Caroline and Brooks!

The McCarty's minus a few!  We missed you Melissa, Austyn, and Wyatt!

Caroline and Knox!

Knox discovered his shoes squeaked and there was no stopping him!  He was a jumping machine!

Thank goodness none of the babies were sick because there was a lot of sharing going on at this table!  

Happy Birthday Brooks and Knox! 

 Hi to you too! 

Such a big boy! 

We love these boys so much! 

I think they had so much fun at their little party! Knox loved when everyone sang happy birthday to him!  He loves the attention!  The boys are so lucky to have such great friends!  I can only imagine how much fun they are all going to have growing up together!  Thanks for celebrating with us everyone! 


Maydelin said...

What a fun day with only boys

The Dolans said...

It was so much fun! At what age are the boys going to boot us from the boys only party?!:(