Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our week in cellphone pics!

We had a busy week/weekend at our house!  We started our week off with the babies one year appointment at the doctor.  They all got a clean bill of health!  Yahh babies!  I think we go through about twenty wooden tongue depressors when we are there.  It is the only thing that will keep them quiet!  I'm sure they love to see us coming!  We can be a loud bunch! 

We had to bring the wagon in to carry all of the babies! It's just easier than the stroller! Thank goodness the rooms are big!

Knox and his dad!  Sorry I cut your head off B.

Friday night we celebrated Cinco de Mayo a little early at La Huerta!  The babies love fajitas!  I ordered a margarita but I was so busy feeding babies I didn't even have time to drink it!  After dinner we stopped at our neighborhood curbside cocktail party.  It was fun!  There were tons of kids and they had a bounce house.  Brooks was in the middle of the bounce house with all of the big kids! He loved it! I thought he might end up with a broken neck but he escaped with only a few scratches down his back! Poor baby! I think he might need his own little bounce house for our house!  

 Saturday morning our neighborhood had a garage sale.  I woke up bright and early to start selling!  It was kind of a bust!  Every time I have a garage sale I say I will never have one again and then I do!  I had high hopes of making lots of money but that just didn't happen!  When customers started paying me in dimes and nickels I knew it wasn't going to add up to much! 

 After the sale wrapped up and I hurried and got ready so I could make it to Candice's baby shower for baby Bryson! How cute are these cake push up pops! I think these might have been Pinterest inspired! 

When I got home from the shower Brandon left to go to Tulsa for a Pink Floyd or Roger Watters? concert.  So the babies and I spent the afternoon out by the pool with Karrie!  I quickly realized that my summer is going to be a lot different than what I am use to!  They climbed in the pool and then out and repeated that a million times!  Ava was so excited to swim she jumped in the pool with her clothes on before I had time to change her!  

My little water baby! 

Saturday night Karrie and Joseph babysat so I could go to Emily and Matt's shower at the Keenan tower.  Such a neat place to have a party.  

The only problem is I am terrified of heights.  I wasn't sure I was actually going to make it to the top of the tower.  I think once I was half way up I knew I had to keep going because I didn't want to have to turn around and go back down! ha I also knew I had to keep going because I had a babysitter and I had washed my hair and gotten ready! 

My legs definitely got a workout! 

 The view was so pretty though!  Definitely worth the climb!  I wish I had taken my camera to get better pictures!  

Sunday the babies and I went to the baseball game to celebrate Andrew's graduation! Congrats Andrew!  
PS-How cute are these shirts that Emily got the babies for their birthdays!

This little monkey loves to hang upside down! 

Cousin love!  The babies love Walker!  He played with them the whole time! 

The boys look like little men in their jeans and Converse!   

I also did a little shopping this weekend!  It's not like Ava needs anymore clothes but I had to buy a baby shower gift and I just couldn't stop myself!  She modeled a few things before B got home so he wouldn't know I had been shopping! 

Ava might be wearing bubbles into the winter.  They are just too cute!  

It was a busy but fun weekend!  I think B had a great time too.  He has been talking about that concert non-stop!  He even made me watch clips of it on YouTube when he got home!   

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