Monday, May 7, 2012

The start of birthday week!

 Birthday week was crazy busy!  I decided on Sunday night I would have a separate boy party for Brooks and Knox on Tuesday night and a girls party for Ava on Thursday.  Oh, and a family birthday cookout Friday.  What is wrong with me???  Sometimes I don't know where I get these ideas and why I think I can pull them off!ha  I just wanted them to have their own little celebrations! I hope they like sharing a birthday when they are older but if not, they can always have their own parties!  Everyone deserves their own special day anyway!

I still can't believe these boys are one!  They are such big boys now!  

This little girl too!  I just can't believe she was my little tiny baby a few months ago!  

We kicked birthday week off on Monday with a trip to the library for baby bookworms.  Every time we go I look around and wonder why all of the other kids are sitting in their parents laps and mine are literally going in three different directions at full speed!  Even Brooksy who is usually a little shy immediately took off to the middle of the room!  He was after a little girl!  I was so proud of him (for socializing, not for chasing a girl!)!

After bookworms we had a lunch date with Karrie and Tressa at US Pizza!  Yummy!
The babies took long naps while I finished up birthday planning.  When they woke up their daddy was home!  I was a little too busy to cook so we went on a dinner date to La Huerta!  This was a big deal for the babies!  They usually don't get out of the house but on this day they went out to eat twice! 

This little girl was a eating machine!  We all split fajitas and I couldn't cut the meat and veggies up fast enough for her! 
These little guys loved the food too!  Knox ate a bag of goldfish while we were waiting for the food.  He choked on one and it shot out of his mouth.  Soon after, about fifty WHOLE goldfish followed.  All over himself and the floor..I guess he doesn't chew them! ha B was so embarrassed and was convinced we were going to get kicked out! I have a feeling the waiters at La Heurta have cleaned up worse things! 

Later in the week Ava had a special birthday delivery from this cute boy!  I told Bennett's mommy that he knows the way to Ava's heart!  Clothes from her favorite store! 

Miss Priss modeling her new outfit! So cute! 

The rest of the week was a blur that deserves it's own post! 

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