Monday, June 18, 2012

Ava's first flight!

I'm usually a planner but this little beach trip to surprise Gigi was not planned at all! I think that might have been a good thing because I didn't even have time to think about how hard it was going to be to pack and get ready in such a short amount of time!  I didn't even think about how Ava was going to do on the plane because I figured one baby would be a breeze compared to what I am use to!!  I thought the hardest part would be packing for two people in one suitcase without going over the weight limit!  Even though Ava's clothes are tiny they actually take up a lot of room!  I had to bring crib bedding, several outfit changes a day for her, etc.  I also brought approximately five thousand bathing suits for Ms. A! ha  She had to look cute for her first trip to the beach!  

I waited until the morning we left to really start packing.  This is what my bathroom looked like while I was packing!  A mess! 

Daddy and the boys took us to the airport!  Ava's dad was very sad to see her go! I promised to take lots of pictures to document her first flight and first trip to the beach though! 

One last kiss before we head out!

Bye Fayetteville!

The calm before the storm, when I was still able to have my phone out to snap pictures!  Her mouth was full of goldfish at this point to keep her quiet!

Then Ava discovered the kids sitting behind us.  She spent the rest of the flight hanging over the back of the seat talking to the other kids.  She is very social... 

We had pretty terrible seats on both flights!  I booked so late that I didn't have many options.  On the flight from Dallas to Fort Walton we sat next to a guy from Australia.  Ava was obsessed with him.  At this point she had not slept one minute all day and she was wild.  He was very patient.  Even when she kept grabbing his headphones off of his ears.  There was no controlling her! ha I was really just glad she wasn't screaming so I let her do what she wanted! 

When we got off the flight he gave her a little koala bear!  Nice guy! 

Flying with a baby is a complete workout!  She never sat still!  Little A was all over the place!  I should have brought a portable dvd player and hi-5 but I didn't think that far ahead!  She did not have one nap all day and on the last five minutes of the final flight she finally fell asleep! 

Even though she only slept for five minutes that day she was a trooper and acted so good at dinner that night!  I think she was just so excited to me in FL with the girls!  She knew she was getting to do something pretty special! 

All in all it was a good experience!  An exhausting day but we ended it with wine and dinner at the beach and it's pretty hard to beat that! 

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