Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a pretty relaxing Memorial day at our house which is just what we needed after traveling so much lately!  We spent most of the day laying around the pool and playing in the water with friends!

Nothing is more summery than bathing suits and watermelon! 

She could eat it all day long! 

My little naked baby!  I'm not sure what happened to his clothes! 

That night we went to my dad and Jenny's house for dinner.  The food is always so good! The babies love playing with all of the toys at their house too!! 

This rocking horse is from 1951! 

Knox also loves playing golf at my dad's!  He carries the golf balls around with him everywhere and he even tries to hit them with the putter! 

Getting a little lesson from Grandpa Bob! 

Thanks for having us over guys and we hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day! 

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T's Mommy said...

A tip for watermelon that is oh so cute for the kids is to stick a popsicle stick in the middle of the green part just the way you have it sliced (like a pizza!) easy for the kids to hold on to and it is so cute!!!