Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We are blessed...Literally

One of my dad's good friends, John Barry, is the Quapaw Indian chief and he offered to bless the babies!  We will take all of the blessings we can get at our house!  We had the ceremony a few weeks ago in my dad's garage! 

I wish I could remember the stories that went along with the blessing but I really can't!  I know that he started a fire without matches and burned the bark from a tree planted in the 1800's on his land.  He then added cedar leaves.  The smoke was supposed to be a direct line to god.  He said a prayer and then we waved each baby over the smoke four times and then he said their blessing and waved an Eagle wing over their body.  B and I got blessed too! Oh and they were each wrapped in an Indian blanket the Chief brought them.  

Ava getting blessed.

Brooks getting blessed

Knox's turn



We joked that Knoxie might need an extra wave over the fire!  Just in case!

Adding the cedar to the fire.

And we are blessed!  I hope the babies really do live long healthy, stress free lives! 

After the ceremony we hung out at my dad's house for a while. 

Knox just walking around!  It still blows my mind that he can walk! 

Dad and Ava post blessing

My sweet sweet Brooks

I thought Ava's outfit looked a little "Indian Like"

Hi Knox!

Love this kid! 

This is the look Ava has when she spots something she wants to get in to! 

The babies with their special Indian blankets the chief gave them! 

This was such a neat experience and I definitely feel better knowing we have the Methodist Church and the Quapaws on our side! ha 

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