Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach Day 2!

Ava helping Gigi pack the cooler for the beach! 

Ava with her Gigi! 

This day was kind of a bust!  Ava didn't even make it in her bikini because she got sunscreen in her eye as soon as we got to the beach and just couldn't get over it!  She did a little skinny dipping and that was it! 

I went to the room with Ava early so she could nap and then we all went to dinner at Georges!  Georges is one of my favorites! 

Ava was in a much better mood for dinner! 

My sweetie!

This might be my all time favorite picture of Ava!  I think it really captures this girls goofy personality!  I really realized how hilarious she is on this trip!  

And she doesn't know a stranger.  She will go to anyone!  Especially men!  This was our waiter and I guess Ava decided she needed an up close and personal look at him! 

Family pic!

I'm sorry but I don't think there is anything cuter than a baby in a bubble!  Miss Ava is going to have to wear them until she is twelve! 

Ava helped Gigi blow out her birthday candle!

Another successful day at the beach! 

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