Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Weekends

The weekend before I left for Florida was crazy busy!  I guess the past few months have been that way though! Friday night we hosted our neighborhoods curbside cocktails at our house.  I'm on the social committee for our neighborhood (because I have so much free time and all! ha)  I'm in charge of organizing these cocktail parties.  The Halls hosted with us and Jessica and I planned our party basically the day of!  We ordered pizza, got a cookie cake and some beer and we were done!   I think it was a success though!  We met some new people and the babies had a lot of fun!  They probably ate about 5 pieces of pizza each!  It was crazy!  Oh and notice in the picture below where my little red head is???  Couldn't keep him away from the bounce house once again!

Saturday was a pool/yard work day.  I went to Westwood Gardens and bought lots of new plants while the babies were napping and then when they woke up B planted them while we all hung out around the pool! 

These kids are obsessed with watermelon and could eat it all day everyday.  Ava sat in her pink chair for about an hour eating her watermelon! 

Brooks was such a good helper!

Knox looks so funny in his little speedo!  Love it!  He stood in a squat to eat his food!  Not sure what that was about! 

My little cutie knocking on the window!  

Knox looks like the little Coppertone baby! The boy version!

Knox was not in the best mood and riding in the wheel barrow was the only thing that made him happy  so he got to be his daddy's assistant for the day.  
We had a great day and I can't wait to spend the rest of the summer out by the pool!  I think it's going to be too hot to do anything else! ha  I'm glad the babies like the water!

Saturday night we got a babysitter so we could go to a wedding shower for friends.  B and I met Emily out for drinks and dinner before the party.  I wasn't that hungry so I told B we could just split something.  So we split halibut maybe?  After we split the food this was B's portion.  It was hilarious!  If only I had taken a pictures of his expression when I handed him his plate!   If you know B, you know what a cheapo he is and how he thinks expensive restaurants are ridiculous.  He would take a Sonic Burger over anything.  I think I will hear about this for weeks! 

I just love summer!  I guess it has officially started! I still can't believe it's already June! 

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