Friday, June 8, 2012

Go Daddy Go!

Daddy and the Wedington Liquor softball team are taking home the gold!  The gold trophy for coming in first in the league!  It only took five years for them to have a winning season! ha The tournament starts tonight and the whole family is heading out to show their support!  Even our little bat girl is going to make an appearance!  We will all being wearing our Wedington liquor softball t-shirts to show our support.  

We might have to build a trophy case at Wedington liquor soon!  The boys also brought home a golf tournament plaque the other day too! 

I took these pictures several weeks ago at a regular season game!  Ava stayed home with Gigi and the boys and I went to cheer on the team!

Is this not the cutest bat boy you have ever seen?

I think so!

Daddy with his boys before the game!

Brooks is a little ball of muscle.  He could hang on this bar without Brandon holding him!  I think B has high hopes for Brooksy on the ball field!

I'm sure we got some looks from other people since my kids were wearing liquor store t-shirts and whiskey hats! 

This boy could not take his eyes off the field!  He loved watching the big boys play!

My boys!

Someone gave Knox a softball and he held it all night!  So cute! I think it's almost as big as his head! 

Bottle break!

This boy loves hats!  I think it might have something to do with his days of wearing his helmet!

Cousin Andrew is also on the team!  He's really really good! We love cheering for him too!

Even if they don't win the tournament we are so proud of daddy and his team! 

Update-They won their first game in the tournament and lost the second by one run.  It is a very sore subject at our house right now.  We aren't talking about the loss... Someone doesn't believe in the saying, "It's not if you win or lose it's how you play the game."   

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