Sunday, June 24, 2012

Going Home

We didn't leave until Thursday afternoon so we had a little time to play snap pictures while we packed up! 

Love this girl! 

Thank you Gigi for taking us on such a great trip!  Ava and I had a great time! Also, thank you Nana for coming up to help with the boys!  Ava and I missed them so much but we know they had such a good time! Although, probably not as much fun as us! ha

I couldn't wait to get home and kiss these sweeties!  I know B might not ever say this again so I have to document it here.  When I got home he told me, "Your job is a lot harder than I thought it was."  Umm yeah!  Taking care of three babies is not exactly a walk in the park!  Thanks B for admitting that I deserve a little credit! ha 

My three really love each other.  As soon as they were reunited my sweet calm Ava that I got use to on the trip disappeared!  In her place was wild and crazy Ava who was all over the place and up to no good with her brothers!  The boys got a little crazy too!  B told me they were so much calmer when we were gone!  ha 

Now I think it's time to take the boys on a little "Boys Only" vaca!

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