Thursday, June 28, 2012

Important Dates"

So much has happened lately and I just haven't had a chance to document it! I definitely need to get better at writing all of these things down!

April 29th-Knox finally has teeth!  He has four now!

May 5th-Ava said "Duck" and "Shh'd" Jennifer when she was going to bed.  

May 7th-Knox said "Duck."  This is also around the time Knox started saying, "No, No, Coco." It's the cutest thing you have ever seen.  He points his finger at her and really gets into it!  Coco is in trouble a lot so he gets a lot of practice with this phrase! 

May 23rd-Ava said "Boat!"  We were in the ocean and a sail boat floated by and she pointed at it and said, "Boat!"

May 24th-Knox took his first steps!  

May 26th-Ava said "Nana"

June 8th-Ava took her first steps!  Of course B and I weren't home but Gigi called and told us all about it! 

June 18th-Ava said "Baby."  We were reading a book about babies and she pointed and said, "Baby."  

June 20th-Ava took five steps!  Brooks took three!  These were Brooksy's first steps!  

I'm not sure when this happened, probably the beginning of May, I put my finger in Ava's mouth and realized she had 4 new molars!  This girl has a mouth full of teeth! 

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